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Gellert Bath

Gellert Baths offers the following services, which can be used during the designated opening hours

  • swimming pool
  • thermal bath pools
  • weight baths
  • Weight bath
  • Refreshing massage
  • Medical healing massage
  • Dry and steam saunas
  • Finnish sauna, with cold dive-pools
  • Carbonic acid tub-bath
  • Mud packing
  • Underwater water-beam massage
  • Foot massage
From 6.00 am until 8.00pm on each day of the week. Tickets are sold until 1 hour before closing, and guests should leave the pool areas 15 minutes before closing.
The sites can be made available for social events after opening hours as well, on demand.
Department ensuring complex thermal bath facilities (daytime outpatient hospital).
  • Physicotherapy
  • Healing gymnastics
  • Tooth-gum shower
  • Inhalation
from 6.30am until 7pm on weekdays, closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

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