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Gellert Bath

Bath Units

The pools in Gellert Bath total 12 units, the following in specific:

Two effervescent bath sections - a large, 246m2 effervescent bath pool with 27°C water temperature, and a smaller, 60m2 sitting pool, with 36°C water temperature.

Three outdoor pools - a 500m2 wawe bath pool, with 26°C water temperature, a 94m2 sitting pool with fancy facilities and 36°C water temperature.

Eight thermal bath departments, where the water temperature varies from 21°C to 40°C.

Water composition

Gellert Hill hides a great number of spring accesses, which supply the bath water. The hot spring water is rich in magnesium, calcium, sulphate-chloride, hydrogen-carbonate, fluoride ions, and sodium.
The water composition helps to cure the following:
  • chronic and semi-acute arthritis
  • blood circulation problems
  • degenerative illnesses of joints
  • illnesses of the vertebral spine
  • pains of the intervertebral disc
  • aortic stenosis
  • neuralgia
In addition, the inhalatorium helps to treat asthmatic, chronic bronchitic complaints
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